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No, Really, This “Andy Should Run the Ball More” Plea is Different

For my entire life, the concept of peace in the Middle East, the lack thereof, has been a constant point of discussion in world affairs. Roughly ten or fifteen years ago, I realized that despite one round of peace talks after another and the optimism they bring, nothing ever changes. Ever. The two sides hated each other when … Continue reading »

T-Shirts for Charity

If there is one thing the Philadelphia-sports blogosphere, a.k.a. “phlogosphere” is known for, it’s creating t-shirts to go along with our latest catchphrase. While the athletes we follow celebrate by spiking a football or strutting from home plate after a titanic blast, we create t-shirts. As a matter of fact, the practice has become so … Continue reading »

Eagles Mail It In; Vikings Return to Sender

Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who got it wrong. Vegas had the Eagles as a double-digit favorite last night, but the Vikings, behind Adrian Peterson, a no-name quarterback, and a furious, blitzing defense, punched the Eagles in the mouth from the get-go and never let up. Minnesota earned its win.

Eagles’ Ambush of Giants Thankfully Recedes Further in Their Rear-View Mirror

Whether the snow-covered postponement of Sunday’s Eagles-Vikings game should have happened is immaterial. It happened, and later today America will experience Tuesday Night Football for the first time in half a century. Besides, phans crying the game should have been played are missing the point: The delay will help the Eagles.

Kevin, We Hardly Knew Ye: Eagles’ Division Title Casts Vick in Permanent Starring Role

The Eagles’ Kevin Kolb era ended early Sunday evening with the Giants’ loss to Green Bay. The concussion that sent Kolb to the bench in Week 1 opened the door just a crack for Michael Vick, who slipped through the gap and raced to MVP consideration, in the process carrying the Birds to a most … Continue reading »

A Letter to Santa Claus, From the Philadelphia Eagles

Dear Santa, Since you found it in your heart to believe in the redemptions of both Scrooge and the Grinch, we’re hoping you can look similarly kindly on us. We know our year didn’t start off too well, what with that awful loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs in January and sending clearly concussed … Continue reading »

A Letter to Santa Claus, From the Philadelphia Phillies

Dear Santa, We have been very good this year. Not only that, even though we were very good, we did a lot of things to make ourselves even better. We hope you keep that in mind when you’re making the final preparations for your naughty and nice lists. If we’re lucky enough to land on … Continue reading »

Dear Joe Banner: Please Pay DeSean Jackson. (And Other Things to Think About While Waiting for Santa.)

After yesterday afternoon’s “Did that really happen?” finish in North Jersey, I’m still too spent to offer anything substantive. A few random thoughts, then, mostly–but not entirely–about sports: I’m as much in the “athletes are overpaid” camp as the next guy, but what does DeSean Jackson have to do to get a contract extension? Yes, … Continue reading »

The Eagles Win a ‘Are-You-Effin’-Kidding-Me?’ Game

The Eagles had no business winning today. None at all. They sleepwalked through the entire first half, allowed Eli Manning a four-touchdown day, waited far too long to involve DeSean Jackson in the offense, and failed to challenge an official’s call that was as big a lock to be overturned as one finds in the NFL. … Continue reading »

As Expected, Al Golden Moves On; As Expected, Temple Wonders What Comes Next

The Cliff Lee Show pushed aside quite a bit of other significant sports news in Philadelphia this week. Among the unfortunately overlooked stories was Al Golden’s departure as Temple’s head football coach for the larger profile of Miami. Golden’s move was a bummer, but not unexpected; college coaches are not what one would call company … Continue reading »

Phillies to Eagles: Oops, We Did It Again

The Eagles play the Giants Sunday in a game of enormous consequence, and once upon a time that would be Philadelphia’s sole sporting storyline to follow this week. That time, though, was before the Phillies entered Bizarro World and began acting like a serious team in one of baseball’s largest media markets. For the last … Continue reading »

Welcome Back Cliff [Video Parody]

The “Welcome Back Cotter” theme, but with the Phillies instead. Continue reading »

An Open Letter to the National Media from Philadelphia and Its Phans

Dear National Sports Media, You’re professing shock that Cliff Lee left tens of millions of Yankee or Ranger dollars on the table to play for the Phillies because he liked our team and our city. Really, though, it’s not that surprising, and it’s not at all unprecedented.

Atmosphere, Not Money, Brings Elite Baseball Players to Philadelphia [Seriously]

In today’s New York Times, George Vecsey tries to plant a sense of buyer’s remorse in the Phillies and their fans by so charitably explaining to us simpletons that with great power comes great responsibility, the mantle Yankees fans unselfishly wear annually. He sets the tone quickly: It is going to take a while to … Continue reading »

Phillies to Yankees, Rangers: Nyah nyah nyah nyah na na

This isn’t a joke, right? This isn’t another spoofed tweet? Cliff Lee is really coming back? Wow. I mean … just … wow. Five years, $100 million. Fewer years than the Yankees and Rangers were offering. Less year than the Yankees and Rangers were offering. Lee is returning at a discount because … he liked … Continue reading »

Clifton Phifer Lee Returns to Philadelphia

Greatest rotation in the history of the world. Continue reading »

Dear Cliff Lee, We Just Can’t Quit You, Sincerely Philadelphia

This afternoon, Philly’s own Jayson Stark, in some sort of combination of speculation and deductive reasoning, opined on that the Phillies were likely the “mystery team” in on the bidding of the services of Cliff Lee. This certainly must have stirred Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal to make some calls, because he is now reporting … Continue reading »

Monday Missives: The Eagles Take Care of Business in Dallas

For this edition of “Monday Missives,” Tom and I exchange emails while watching the Eagles/Cowboys game. TG: It’s 30 minutes to kickoff for your thoughts? I think we are looking at a shootout. TD: I’m hoping this is more than mere wishful thinking, but my gut tells me the Eagles come out strong and stay … Continue reading »

Eagles Look to Exorcise Some Recent Demons in Big D

Where you stand on tonight’s Eagles-Cowboys game may depend on which storyline you’re following: The absence of key Birds Asante Samuel and Winston Justice due to knee injuries A Dallas team left for dead but suddenly infused with new life Philadelphia’s memory of 2009′s season-ending blowouts by the ‘Boys The Cowboys somehow grinding out wins … Continue reading »

Phillies Now a Pitching-First Kind of Team recently published a table displaying the best pitchers in terms of ERA+ since 2005 with at least 1,000 innings pitched. Roy Halladay tops the list (149 ERA+, 1,322.2 innings) while Roy Oswalt comes in fifth (132 ERA+, 1,276 innings). On top of that, as an astute twitterer pointed out, if Cole Hamels had another … Continue reading »

College Hoops Comes Roaring Out of the Gate in Philadelphia

It’s a bit too early to get terribly excited about college basketball in most places; conference schedules haven’t started, and we still have a month and a half of pro football to enjoy. Then again, tradition-rich Philadelphia, with its six Division I programs, isn’t most places. It’s really never too early to delve into hoops … Continue reading »

Graeme McDowell, 2010 US Open Champion, Fights White Collar Crime

Key Games Abound in Philadelphia This Weekend

We have an interesting sports weekend shaping up in Philadelphia, with the pro teams facing a challenging slate and an annual tradition returning to town. The most significant game by far is the Eagles’ prime-time matchup Sunday against a Cowboys squad making noises about being not as craptastic as we’d thought. Beset by injuries and … Continue reading »

Dare We Dream About the 76ers? Not Yet. Key Word, Though, Is ‘Yet.’

Earlier this fall, during my third grader’s back-to-school night, her teacher announced to parents that the school was participating in a promotion with the 76ers: Students who read 760 pages in a certain amount of time would receive a free ticket to a Sixers game. Ever the wag, I cracked: “And if you don’t read … Continue reading »

Perhaps Last Year’s Flyers Weren’t a Phluke After All

Nearly 30 games into their season, the Flyers look strong. Their 38 points ties them for third in the Eastern Conference and puts them just two points behind Pittsburgh, the conference’s top team and the holder of a 10-game winning streak. Let the Penguins skate away; for phans, Philadelphia’s impressive showing over the first third … Continue reading »



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