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If You’re Surprised at the Phillies’ Slump, You Just Haven’t Been Paying Attention

We all exhaled with relief when the Phillies rediscovered how to hit the ball, only to return to holding our breath amidst the current four-game losing streak. Despite a lineup finally fully stocked with regulars, the Phils continue to scuffle offensively, and against the likes of the Nationals and Pirates to boot. The only wonder, … Continue reading »

Has an 0-for-5 Ever Been Seen So Positively?

Chase Utley took the collar, but the Phillies dropped 10 runs on the Reds and cruised to the win last night. Utley looked as expected in facing major league pitching for the first time since last October. He hit a couple of balls hard but also looked off in his timing, but that’s okay. So … Continue reading »

The 2011 Phillies: The Most Fretted-Over First-Place Team Ever

The Phillies’ current era of success can be traced back to the bold signing of Jim Thome. The affable slugger’s decision to come to Philadelphia validated the franchise’s pursuit of a cash-cow ballpark, a facility that would be so attractive that the revenue stream it generated would allow the team to pursue true impact players. … Continue reading »

Everybody Take a Deep Breath, Okay?

Calm down, please. The Phillies go through offensive droughts every season. Their current struggles are nothing new.

Should We Give Ruben Amaro Extra-Wide Lapels and Platform Shoes?

My homestead duties kept me from seeing yesterday’s game, which, given the result, was probably a good thing. But I followed along on Twitter, and in addition to the usual rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, I noticed a distinct thread in support of the Phillies’ throwback, powder blue uniforms. Seriously, people? I’ll concede … Continue reading »

If It’s Tuesday, the Flyers Must Have a Goalie Situation

WIth last night’s win, the Flyers regained home-ice advantage in their opening-round playoff series against the Sabres. And they did it with Brian Boucher, not putative playoff starter Sergei Bobrovsky, between the pipes. In other words, here we go again. Bob had been anointed the No. 1 guy before Game 1 because, the thinking went, … Continue reading »

Feeling better?

Roy Oswalt looked comfortable as the last person off the field after Sunday’s win. Perhaps his back is feeling better? (Hope, hope.)

The Phillies Are Losing Ugly and Winning Ugly, But Doing Much More of the Latter

The standings say 10-4, so you’d think the Phillies were firing on all cylinders. But with an offense that has returned to earth, a rotation that blows up once it hits No. 5, and a bullpen that enjoys life on the edge, the Phils have supplemented their talent and experience with some smoke and mirrors … Continue reading »

Like the Phils Themselves, the Ballpark Looks Just Fine So Far

As I write this, I’m on the train to Citizens Bank Park–my third game in a week. As with the Phillies, it’s too early in the season to draw firm conclusions about the ballpark, but a few general observations can be made: • The new HD scoreboard is both a thing of beauty and a … Continue reading »

What Were We Worried About? Phillies Start 2011 in Style

Well, that certainly was an impressive way to kick off the season. A stirring comeback win in the opener and then a pair of cruise-control victories gave the Phillies a sweep of the Astros and sends them into their next series, against the Mets, at 3-0 on the year. The Phils did a lot of … Continue reading »

Temple, Villanova Get the “Thanks for Playing” Treatment

While my partner does some first-hand scouting of the Phillies, I’m left up north to evaluate that other springtime sporting rite, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The losses sustained over the weekend by Pitt, Washington, and Purdue killed what to then had been a promising bracket for me. That’s just the fun stuff, though. The … Continue reading »

March Sadness: With the Hawks Grounded, Where Do I Turn?

March is here, which means my annual dilemma is upon me. My Hawks are concluding their second straight abysmal season in men’s basketball, leaving me either Temple or Villanova to root for in postseason play. As a Big 5 alum, I’m told to pull for whatever Philly teams are left standing. We may be rivals, … Continue reading »

We Can Talk About Expectations Later–the Phillies Are Back!

We have plenty of time to worry about who plays right field. Plenty of time to worry about Charlie Manuel’s contract. Plenty of time to worry about Jimmy Rollins’s and Chase Utley’s ability to shake off subpar seasons, about whether Ryan Howard will endure the post-contract swoon, about the bullpen, about the impact of Davey … Continue reading »

Does Packers’ Win Validate Cap’n Andy’s Pass-Happy Ways?

Columnists, bloggers, sports talk-radio hosts, and every guy hunched over a pint glass at the corner of every bar in Greater Philadelphia have repeated it as if brainwashed: You cannot win a Super Bowl without running the football. Why won’t Andy Reid listen to us? Yet there were the Green Bay Packers last night, ordering … Continue reading »

Why Didn’t the Daily News Just Hire a Blogger Instead?

Ed Rendell’s first piece as a Daily News sports columnist is a probing, insightful examination of … how cool an Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl would have been this year. No, really. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so disappointed. Was punditry ever anything more than uninformed and inexperienced wannabes talking with false confidence about things they’d never done … Continue reading »

Why the Eagles’ DC Search Is Less Important Than You Think

The ghost of Jim Johnson could return to the Eagles as defensive coordinator, and it still wouldn’t make his players any better. Perhaps Sean McDermott was in over his head, perhaps not–but it was his boss who gave him the linemen, linebackers, and backs who were his undoing. And it was his boss whose pass-first … Continue reading »

I’m Shocked–Shocked!–That Andy Reid Isn’t Always Completely Forthright With the Media

Remember this?   How about this? Intentional misstatements aren’t limited to public figures. People everywhere lie, fib, stretch the truth, tell whoppers, deceive, dissemble, and dupe all the time. We do it at work, we do it at home, we do it to our kids, to our spouses, to our bosses, to everyone. And yes, … Continue reading »

The Emotional Price of Being Known as the Guy Who Paid for the Right to Post Pictures of Brett Favre’s Junk (And Other Things to Think About Early on a Snowy Friday Morning)

Trying to decide whether to root for a blustery New Yorker or an alleged sexual offender has me too confused to post anything substantive. A few random thoughts, then, mostly–but not entirely–about sports: Profiled in the current issue of GQ, Deadspin editor and homeboy (and budding alcoholic) A.J. Daulerio sounds as if he, too, wonders … Continue reading »

Dear Andy Reid: Would Jim Johnson Have Done Much Better With This Group?

One wonders whether Sean McDermott would still be the Eagles’ defensive coordinator had this season played out as originally planned. Had Kevin Kolb run the offense for 16 games; had the year been devoted to rebuilding and not an unexpected playoff appearance; had Michael Vick not detonated a suddenly explosive offense, would the defense’s shortcomings … Continue reading »

Hey, Philadelphia, It’s True: The 76ers Really Aren’t as Bad as You Think

The last time I saw the 76ers play with my own eyes and not filtered through a broadcast lens, the Core States First Union Wachovia Wells Fargo Center was barely a gleam in Ed Snider’s eye. In fact, the team itself wasn’t even on Snider’s radar. This was toward the end of the Harold Katz … Continue reading »

Balanced Attack Helps Green Bay to Win; Was Any of the Eagles Coaching Staff Paying Attention?

To paraphrase Al Michaels: Do you believe in harbingers? Yes! Michael Vick was hammered to the grass on the first play from scrimmage yesterday when a Green Bay linebacker exploded into the backfield completely untouched. What followed wasn’t much better for the Eagles. Vick went on to have an okay, but hardly great, game, and … Continue reading »

Well, Whatever Happens, At Least We Don’t Have to Worry About Donovan Playing Air Guitar

No one quite seems to know what to expect out of the Eagles tomorrow, do they? Vegas has the Birds as only very slim favorites; the hometown guys slightly favor the Packers. Even among us amateurs, there’s no consensus. We shouldn’t be surprised. The Eagles have been an unknown quantity from the instant they cashiered … Continue reading »

Suggested New Year’s Resolution: A Better Handle on the Goaltending Situation for Paul Holmgren

The Flyers weren’t always clueless about their goaltenders. Believe it or not, there was a time when they could look between the pipes and realize that everything was going to be okay. Whether Bernie Parent or Pelle Lindbergh or Ron Hextall was wearing the pads, there was little doubt whom the Orange and Black would … Continue reading »

Eagles’ Loss to Cowboys Tells Us … Nothing

About the only conclusion to be drawn from yesterday’s Eagles-Cowboys game is that anyone who paid to attend should have his money refunded. With nothing to play for, Andy Reid sat his starters, rendering the ‘Boys’ 14-13 victory little more than an exhibition and giving us no idea of how to evaluate the team’s readiness … Continue reading »

Eagles Mail It In; Vikings Return to Sender

Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who got it wrong. Vegas had the Eagles as a double-digit favorite last night, but the Vikings, behind Adrian Peterson, a no-name quarterback, and a furious, blitzing defense, punched the Eagles in the mouth from the get-go and never let up. Minnesota earned its win.



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