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Hey Philadelphia, Look What the Bruins are Saying About Our Women

If It’s Tuesday, the Flyers Must Have a Goalie Situation

WIth last night’s win, the Flyers regained home-ice advantage in their opening-round playoff series against the Sabres. And they did it with Brian Boucher, not putative playoff starter Sergei Bobrovsky, between the pipes. In other words, here we go again. Bob had been anointed the No. 1 guy before Game 1 because, the thinking went, … Continue reading »

Announcers Say the Darndest Things

Via @Philliesdoll, who writes at Chicks Dig the Long Ball.

The Emotional Price of Being Known as the Guy Who Paid for the Right to Post Pictures of Brett Favre’s Junk (And Other Things to Think About Early on a Snowy Friday Morning)

Trying to decide whether to root for a blustery New Yorker or an alleged sexual offender has me too confused to post anything substantive. A few random thoughts, then, mostly–but not entirely–about sports: Profiled in the current issue of GQ, Deadspin editor and homeboy (and budding alcoholic) A.J. Daulerio sounds as if he, too, wonders … Continue reading »

Suggested New Year’s Resolution: A Better Handle on the Goaltending Situation for Paul Holmgren

The Flyers weren’t always clueless about their goaltenders. Believe it or not, there was a time when they could look between the pipes and realize that everything was going to be okay. Whether Bernie Parent or Pelle Lindbergh or Ron Hextall was wearing the pads, there was little doubt whom the Orange and Black would … Continue reading »

Dear Joe Banner: Please Pay DeSean Jackson. (And Other Things to Think About While Waiting for Santa.)

After yesterday afternoon’s “Did that really happen?” finish in North Jersey, I’m still too spent to offer anything substantive. A few random thoughts, then, mostly–but not entirely–about sports: I’m as much in the “athletes are overpaid” camp as the next guy, but what does DeSean Jackson have to do to get a contract extension? Yes, … Continue reading »

Key Games Abound in Philadelphia This Weekend

We have an interesting sports weekend shaping up in Philadelphia, with the pro teams facing a challenging slate and an annual tradition returning to town. The most significant game by far is the Eagles’ prime-time matchup Sunday against a Cowboys squad making noises about being not as craptastic as we’d thought. Beset by injuries and … Continue reading »

Perhaps Last Year’s Flyers Weren’t a Phluke After All

Nearly 30 games into their season, the Flyers look strong. Their 38 points ties them for third in the Eastern Conference and puts them just two points behind Pittsburgh, the conference’s top team and the holder of a 10-game winning streak. Let the Penguins skate away; for phans, Philadelphia’s impressive showing over the first third … Continue reading »

Flyers Go Bobbing for Goalies … Again

I say, “Devils goaltender.” You say, “Martin Brodeur.” Took you about a quarter of a second, right? Let’s try again. I say, “Flyers goaltender.” You say, “Ray Emery? Brian Boucher? Michael Leighton? Tommy Soderstrom? Roman Cechmanek? Robert Esche? Maxime Ouellet? Martin Biron? John Vanbiesbrouck?” You get the point. After a wonderful run of netminders that … Continue reading »

Ed Snider Has Reason to Smile … For Now

These are heady times for Comcast-Spectacor, at least by recent standards. The Flyers are riding a five-game winning streak, while the 76ers notched the first victory of the Doug Collins Era Wednesday night. For phans of each franchise, of course, it’s wise to enjoy the short-term success, for the road ahead is long and obstacle-strewn. … Continue reading »

This Is the Hit That Caused the Suspension That ‘Shocked’ Danny Briere

Danny Briere spouted all the usual platitudes about protecting himself in trying to explain why he swung his stick at the head of the Islanders’ Franz Nielsen the other night. But what you see is what you get: Briere was suspended by the NHL for three games, and afterward, the talented but chippy forward contradicted his … Continue reading »

Wait, When Do the Soul Start Again?

Welcome to a tough weekend to be a phan. The Phillies are lining up tee times while the Giants romp over the Rangers in the World Series; the Eagles are in their bye week; the 76ers are just out of the gate and consider it swell that they lost to Miami by just 10; and … Continue reading »



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