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If You’re Surprised at the Phillies’ Slump, You Just Haven’t Been Paying Attention

We all exhaled with relief when the Phillies rediscovered how to hit the ball, only to return to holding our breath amidst the current four-game losing streak. Despite a lineup finally fully stocked with regulars, the Phils continue to scuffle offensively, and against the likes of the Nationals and Pirates to boot. The only wonder, … Continue reading »

Channeling Cholly

And Here I Thought John Lannan Wasn’t Any Good

Against the other 29 teams in baseball, Lannan is 30-33 with a respectable 3.86 ERA. In 13 career starts against the Phillies, however, he is 0-10 with a 6.44 ERA. via Game chat: So, John Lannan, we meet again – Beerleaguer – Phillies Blog, Baseball News, Trade Rumors & Spirits.

The Phillies Unhealthy Infatuation with Michael Martinez

Jim Salisbury reports on the Phillies upcoming decision to send someone to Lehigh Valley when Shane Victorino returns in approximately one week from the disabled list: There could be several options. The Phils could scale back from 12 pitchers to 11, though that does not appear to be the preference. They could keep an eye … Continue reading »

Keep the Change

Jason at asks: After approximately 150 hours of Phillies baseball, we should have a good feel for this team. How would you describe the 2011 Phillies in 10 words or less? I only need three words. Pitching, pitching and pitching.

Phillies Make it Out Alive

It took calling up one of the best prospects in baseball. It took removing the bubble wrap from Chase Utley’s knees. It took Cliff Lee batting .385 and .OPS-ing .890. It took Wilson Valdez pitching a shutdown-19th inning after Danys Baez threw five of his own. It took all of that to overcome the injuries … Continue reading »

Has an 0-for-5 Ever Been Seen So Positively?

Chase Utley took the collar, but the Phillies dropped 10 runs on the Reds and cruised to the win last night. Utley looked as expected in facing major league pitching for the first time since last October. He hit a couple of balls hard but also looked off in his timing, but that’s okay. So … Continue reading »

The 2011 Phillies: The Most Fretted-Over First-Place Team Ever

The Phillies’ current era of success can be traced back to the bold signing of Jim Thome. The affable slugger’s decision to come to Philadelphia validated the franchise’s pursuit of a cash-cow ballpark, a facility that would be so attractive that the revenue stream it generated would allow the team to pursue true impact players. … Continue reading »

Everybody Take a Deep Breath, Okay?

Calm down, please. The Phillies go through offensive droughts every season. Their current struggles are nothing new.

Should We Give Ruben Amaro Extra-Wide Lapels and Platform Shoes?

My homestead duties kept me from seeing yesterday’s game, which, given the result, was probably a good thing. But I followed along on Twitter, and in addition to the usual rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, I noticed a distinct thread in support of the Phillies’ throwback, powder blue uniforms. Seriously, people? I’ll concede … Continue reading »

Schtuff My Dad Says About Kyle Kendrick

Schtuff My Dad Says About Kyle Kendrick: “Glad the Phillies aren’t the game of the week today. I’d hate for the whole country to know we have Kyle Kendrick.”

Tuesday Texts

Reviewing the Phillies’ April, previewing May and longing for Dom Brown and Chase Utley. Continue reading »

Great Line from T-Good

Two kinds of pitchers give the Phillies fits: good ones and unfamiliar ones. Mike Pelfrey is neither. via Swing and a Miss: Pitching And Hitting.

When Cheesesteak Eggrolls + Beer = ZOMG!!!

If you are a fan of Iron Hill Brewery –or really, just good beer for that matter– and you are a fan of the Phillies, then you need to read this announcement: Zoo With Roy: HOLY BUTT HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT READ THIS NOW. [And by the way, if you are a fan of neither of those … Continue reading »

Phillies’ Bats Show Signs of Life

If you are willing to look, there are a few half-full silver linings in last night’s loss. Continue reading »

Is Available at GoDaddy?

Excellent, excellent, excellent analysis of the lack of strikeouts in the Phillies’ bullpen by the Daily News’ David Murphy: Free Mike Stutes | Philly | 04/20/2011.

OMG WFC 2011!!!

Just when you think you know exactly how a Phillies game is going to finish, they go and hit two homers and win 4-3. Suddenly, you go from “85 wins, here we come” to “OMG WFC 2011!!!”. You can talk big picture all you want, but each game gets under your skin. [Or is that … Continue reading »

Feeling better?

Roy Oswalt looked comfortable as the last person off the field after Sunday’s win. Perhaps his back is feeling better? (Hope, hope.)

The Phillies Are Losing Ugly and Winning Ugly, But Doing Much More of the Latter

The standings say 10-4, so you’d think the Phillies were firing on all cylinders. But with an offense that has returned to earth, a rotation that blows up once it hits No. 5, and a bullpen that enjoys life on the edge, the Phils have supplemented their talent and experience with some smoke and mirrors … Continue reading »


Recently, I picked up Wilson Valdez off of the undrafted free-agent pool in my fantasy league. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who thinks the Phillies won’t miss a beat substituting Valdez for Utley. But, as is usually the case in our keeper league, “Harry’s High Hopes” is off to a slow start. Like, … Continue reading »

An excellent tutorial…

An excellent tutorial on why not all 120+ pitch-counts are created the same: Roy Staying In For the CG: Not An Issue | Brotherly Glove.

Theeeeey’re Baaaaaack

The has returned. Let the awkward/hilarious screen caps commence.

Make your voice heard…

As you may have heard, WOGL, a Delaware Valley radio station, has begun broadcasting a 24/7 Phillies station. Leave a comment here if you’d like the station to create downloadable podcasts of their shows and/or stream the station online. Crashburn Alley » Blog Archive » “Stathead” Airs @ 3 PM ET Today on 98.1 WOGL … Continue reading »

Monday Missives: The Phillies’ Somewhat Surprising Hot Start

TG: Tom, we’ve got 9 games under our belts and the Phillies are off to quite a start. It’s not what we thought it would be on paper –the starting pitching has had some ups and downs and the lineup has been a hitting machine– but we’ll take it, right? TD: I should say so. … Continue reading »

Like the Phils Themselves, the Ballpark Looks Just Fine So Far

As I write this, I’m on the train to Citizens Bank Park–my third game in a week. As with the Phillies, it’s too early in the season to draw firm conclusions about the ballpark, but a few general observations can be made: • The new HD scoreboard is both a thing of beauty and a … Continue reading »



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